Michael Henriksen

Michael Henriksen

Freelance security engineer and consultant with seven years of professional web application security experience. I have secured systems at companies like SoundCloud, Peakon, and F-Secure. I would love to work with you too!

What I do

Vulnerability Assessments

I uncover as many vulnerabilities as possible in an application with automated and manual penetration testing techniques. I follow the OWASP Web Security Testing Guide to ensure a thorough and repeatable assessment.

Secure Code Reviews

I review the code of an application to uncover vulnerabilities and design flaws that automated scanners typically won't find. A secure code review is often combined with a vulnerability assessment to form an efficient White-box assessment.

Threat Modeling

I work closely with your company's development team to identify threats against systems through a systematic analysis involving data flow diagrams, attack trees, methodologies, and even games.

Developer Training

I teach your company's development team to recognize and rectify common web application flaws and vulnerabilities with code examples and an interactive Capture The Flag session where the team identify, and exploit vulnerabilities in an intentionally insecure web application.

Get in touch

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I charge based on a daily rate between €800—€1000 depending on the task and timeline. I prefer to work remote when the task allows for it.

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